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Youths Involvement in Crime, POCACOV Perspective

By: CSP Ebere Amaraizu – National Coordinator POCACOV

The recent reported case in some sections of the media on the arrest of 15 persons believed to be Nigerian Youths and members of EIYE CULT by Italian Police  as that of 38 year old Nigerian, Raymond Abbas also known as Hushpuppi in Dubai over his alleged involvement in cyber fraud, banking fraud, scamming, identity theft amongst others  as well as the reported arrest of one Nigerian also identified as Obinwanne Okeke also known as invictus by FBI for an alleged computer fraud and related issues has become a worrisome situation because of its unpleasant and adverse effects on the countrys image.

On the case of the 15 persons believed to be Nigerians arrested by Italian Police as members of EIYE CULT with its root in Nigeria  and also having series of international Contacts in France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and other European Countries.

According to the report the CULT group currently undergoing investigations by the Anti Mafia Directorate is said to be Nigerians whose mission revolve around of persons trafficking in persons, money laundering and trafficking in young women for sexual exploitation amongst others.

The above mentioned development has gradually presented Cultism, Cyber Crime and other vices as a global pandemic and requires that something urgent and drastic has to be done to salvage the situation.

We need to start the trace of black goat in the day time before the night time so that it will not be difficult for the finding.

All the above mentioned crime and situations revolves around our Youths who are supposed to be leaders of tomorrow. Where has the society gotten it wrong? why the sagging roof?which blood stained the stony entrance of the sepulchre according to william shakespeare.

A lot of factors can match up answers to questions raised but they may not  be justifiable answers because WRONG doing is wrong doing and two wrongs they say, can never make a right.

Most of our youths wants to make it at all cost no matter whose blood is spilled. They are cutting corners with the belief that the end justifies the means coupled with erosion of value system and lack of morality.

Credibility seems to have been relegated to the background as long as one is able to have something to show that he can measure up wealth-wise coupled with the fact that some parents, guardians no longer ask about how their children and wards make money.

We are yet to witness that time when our parents and guardians will conduct that family audit as how a child gets money to build house or have estate as well as fleets of cars or involve himself in flamboyant expenses and spending.

According to Chinua Achebe of blessed memory “One of the Truest Test of integrity is its blunt refusals to be comprised””. So, where lies the integrity? who can go for us from amongst our youths and whom shall we send?. Where lies the integrity?.

There is this strong African tradition which stipulates that ‘Every Child is Every Bodys Child”. This enables all to exercise supervisory functions on every child irrespective of whether the child is a biological child or not.

Dealing with  Children and Youths involvement in crime especially Cultism, Cybercrime, Sexual and gender based violence, Substance Abuse, Thuggery/Violence and other vices require collaborative efforts of all and sundry. We need to join hands as the broom is joined together to produce force and balance to sanitize the environment.

Cultism and other vices are becoming a global pandemic and we need to adhere to the measures to enable us summount because we are talking about our children and youths who instead of  towing the positive parts as strategic leaders in the making, destroy their future as well as sacrificing their future at the alter of get rich quick syndrome, dealing with drugs, human trafficking, cyber crime, cultism, sexual and gender based violence, armed robbery, Kidnapping, land grabbing, thuggery and violence amongst other vices.

We need to raise the awareness and join in the sensitizations and Re orientation of Nigerian Youths to back to the drawing board.Government at all levels, Non Governmental Organizations, the Media, Parents, Guardians, Care givers, Religious leaders, Traditional Rulers, Political Class, Teachers, Workers, Market people and Artisans amongst others need to live by example and profess the truth in order to restore the lost value and moral system where the missing link is said to be lying.

We should be that voice crying in the wilderness to kick against any dishonest behaviour in the society for the sake and future of Nigerian Children and Youths.

Good enough,the Nigeria Police Force under IGP Mohammed Abubakar Adamu has come up with a community oriented and driven programme tagged “POCACOV” meaning Police Campaign Against Cultism and Other Vices working with different stakeholders to mitigate cultism and discourage children and youths involvements in cultism and other vices thereby saving them from the claws of cultism and other vices.

Pocacov represents a new direction of the Nigeria Police Force in line with the standard of international best practices. Pocacov involves itself with Advocacy, Awareness Creation and sensitization, Re Orientations amongst others.

POCACOV mobilizes Nigerian Children and Youths as well different stakeholders to aid in getting to the root of crime and that is why it is a community policing tool of the Nigeria Police Force.

POCACOV is a soft Power of the Nigeria Police Force and Reformatory tool whose main aim is to make Nigerian Children and youths better once more.

The Awareness, Advocacy, Re orientation as well as mobilizations of Nigerian Children and Youths are to be intensified for National Security, Growth and Development bearing in mind that they hold the future.
We have to support the Nigeria Police Force under IGP Mohammed Abubakar Adamu by lending our support to the ongoing Campaign against Cultism and other vices in the country through POCACOV which is ALL ABOUT YOU.


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