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TI’s False corruption allegation against Nigerian Military, Agenda to discourage Foreign Support in Terrorism Fight – DHQ.

The Defence Headquarters has lampooned Transparency International over its latest report released on Thursday alleging widespread corruption against the Nigerian Military saying the allegation was an agenda aimed at discrediting the military to discourage international support to Nigeria.
Addressing the media in Abuja on the allegation, Director of Defence Information, Major General John Eneche said the areas mentioned by Transparency international as centers of corruption have been made away with since the present administration took over affairs of the country.
“This is like a psychological warfare against the armed forces. There is something going on behind the scene. I can’t rule out 5th columnists. The agenda is to discourage friendly countries who are happy about our giant stride in curtailing terrorism like the US, UK, Germany and France from providing us with training and equipment”
“In the area of military weapons procurement, the procedure is now government to government, contractors or third parties are no longer involved. Aside this, there is what I call anti-corruption spirit in every military personnel presently now, so the issue of corruption does not arise. If they specified particular periods, it would have been understandable”.
The Full text of the DDI reads, “The attention of the Defence headquarters has been drawn to an inciting corruption allegation against military officials by Transparency International.
“Let me state by making it clear that this sweeping allegation is false with the following clarifications:
“That the present leadership of the armed forces has done a lot to train, boost troop’s morale and procure vital equipment through due process, for the North East operations against Boko Haram in particular and other operations.
“That the Defence Headquarters, Army, Navy and Airforce headquarters have established procurement branches that are guided by the rules and regulations of the Bureau for Public Procurement.
“That ministry of Defence deals directly with States and Governments on Defence Equipment procurement against using contractors or vendors any longer.
Continuing he said, “On this note, it is suspicious that a sweeping statement of corruption against military officials at this time is rater disheartening.
“Moreso that the Nigerian Military on the 22nd March 2017 was credited by the US of having done very well to fight insurgency and extremism among others with advice to other countries to learn from Nigeria.
“In addition, such allegations coming at the peak of consistent successes being recorded at our areas of operation, the North East in particular, which is obvious not only to Nigerians but the whole world.
“Hence this particular allegation must be treated with utmost suspicion.
“The DHQ is therefore assuring the general public that there is no calculated, deliberate or institutionalized corruption in any form within the system.
“The armed forces of Nigeria remain focused and committed to providing security to lives and property and totally loyal and subordinated to the Commander in Chief of the federal republic of Nigeria.
“All the good people of Nigeria are thereby encouraged to continue to provide useful information to the military and other security agencies, so that we can finally clear terrorism and other security challenges from the country.”
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