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The March Towards Ending Terrorism in Nigeria.

By Yabo Chris Ephraim

Nigeria seems to be a country that is quick to celebrate negative reports than the ones making positive impacts.

We get excited and make a lot of noise at the reports of terrorists and criminals inflicting mayhem, and recoil to silence at the reports that our troops are decimating insurgents and other criminals.

Such hypocrisy is stenchy and demoralising.

The time to cooperate and support our gallant troops as they march towards ending insecurity in Nigeria is now.

The recent destruction of seven gun trucks and additional 6 gun trucks as well as the decimation of unconfirmed number of terrorists at Marte in Marte Local Government Area of Borno state did not generate the expected commendations from the public.

The raiding of arm bandits moving with rustled cows in Bungundu area of Zamfara state that resulted in the killing of over 30 arm bandits, and the neutralization of scores of bandits in Farin Ruwa in Birnin Gwari Local Government Area of Kaduna State did not create any cheerful public reactions.

Some of us believe strongly that given the required support our military can always defend our country from all inimical forces and adversaries.

It is in this thinking that credible information and intelligence from some well meaning Nigerians led to the recent successes of this Operation Tura Takaiango in Marte, Borno State.

It is often said that security is every one’s business.

Like Georges Clemenceau stated: “war is too serious a business to be left to the generals”.

Without the public supporting and cooperating with the security agencies in providing information regarding those plotting and perpetrating terrorist acts, the security agencies cannot operate with the desired proactive approach, precision and efficiency.

The terrorists don’t live in the barracks. They live amongst us in our communities.

We are at a better position to provide useful information that could lead to marking and unraveling the perpetrators and their collaborators.

Some of these criminals are accommodated in our communities and are given cover by some unscrupulous elements amongst us.

Some foreigners that are terrorizing the public have been given the lands and rights by some traditional rulers and community leaders in exchange for money.

Some have acquired lands and reside within our communities from where they carry out mayhem on innocent citizens

As our troops struggle to contain insecurity in Nigeria, the civilian populace must support and cooperate in achieving this.

The tremendous success recorded recently against the insurgents and criminals should serve as a morale booster.

The end of all criminal elements in Nigeria is near as the troops are moving in on them.

The time to match our patriotism with the heroism of our security agencies is now.

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