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“POCACOV”, Voice of Change Towards Cultism Free Nigeria” – PSO to IGP – DCP Owohunwa

The Principal Staff Officer (PSO) to Inspector General of Police DCP Idowu Owohunwa has said that POCACOV has been the voice of Change in the drive for a cultism free Nigeria.

DCP Owohunwa said that there must be a message for there to be a change and POCACOV has provided that voice for effecting the change for a cultism free Nigeria.

He said that POCACOV might not know the impact it is currently creating in the nation as it plants the seed for the change of attitude towards a cult free Nigeria and the youths, which will soon germinate and change the narratives.

The Principal Staff Officer to the IGP went on to define cultism as ” cult youths life”. 

He said that for the wise, the peer groups impact of cultism, which is blind followership is what POCACOV is trying to unveil.

He described POCACOV activities at the moment as a project geared towards removing veils covering the eyes of Nigerian youths in their blind and deceptive quest to belong or attain a fake height in the society. 

DCP Owohunwa commended POCACOV leadership and stressed that one must have knowledge for him or her to acknowledge that he or she has made a mistake in life. 

He called on POCACOV to keep being the voice for change of attitude and narrative in the present situation Nigerian youths has found themselves. 

He restated the commitment of the staff of the IGP secretariat and maintained that all needed support and collaboration will be given to achieve the idea in setting up the Champaign.

DCP Idowu Owohunwa, was later decorated with POCACOV T-Shirt, by POCACOV National Coordinator CSP Ebere Amaraizu in company of the POCACOV Lead Consultant, Emmanuel Akin, POCACOV stakeholder and IGP Media Adviser, Shina Philips and the POCACOV Media Officer Onuora Aninwobodo.    

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