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POCACOV Beams Searchlight on Growing Rate of Cyber Crime & Cultism among youths

Over time, there has been an increase in the report of cybercrime activities across the country and the world at large, involving Nigerian youths.

 Many have argued that several key factors such as high unemployment rate in the country, the quest for wealth, lack of strong cybercrime laws, and incompetent security on personal devices amongst others, led to the increase of cybercrime.

Despite the lockdown and closure of schools due to the pandemic, one will wonder if cultism is still an issue. 

The pandemic has indeed brought about an increase in cult activities which has led to many youths involving themselves in robbery, kidnapping and rape.  

Towards this end, this week on the Awakening programme, POCACOV is focussing on the growing rate of cybercrime and cultism among youths and how government and other relevant agencies can help tackle this growing menace.

This will be done in partnership with media houses in the South East through talk shows and other enlightenment programmes, spearheaded by the national coordinator, CSP Ebere Amaraizu.

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