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Ops Ruwan Wuta II: Airforce Jets Pound Recalcitrant Boko Haram Hideouts; Smoke Out Hidden Structure, Neutralize Scores in North East.

​The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) said on Saturday that its fighter Jets intensified intensive day and night aerial bombardments of Boko Haram Terrorists (BHTs) locations within the Northeast.

It said, “On 26 October 2017, the fourth day of the ongoing Operation Ruwan Wuta II, the NAF conducted air interdiction on some structures in Dure, a BHT-infested location, 12km east of Sambisa.

“Reports from NAF Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance platforms had revealed the gradual resurgence of BHT activities in the settlement, particularly at the targeted structures, which were hideouts for the terrorists.

“Five aircraft namely 3 Alpha Jet aircraft and 2 F-7Ni aircraft conducted the air interdiction missions.

“The Alpha Jet aircraft and the F-Ni aircraft took turns to attack the location with bombs, destroying the targeted structures and killing the terrorists.

“The Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) conducted after the strikes revealed that some of the structures were set ablaze by the bomb explosions.

​“On the same day, the NAF conducted air interdiction missions on a BHT-infested settlement in Mangusun.

“The location was attacked, in succession, by 2 F-7Ni aircraft and 3 Alpha Jet aircraft.

“The F-7Ni aircraft and some of the Alpha Jet aircraft attacked the targets with bombs, destroying BHT structures in the location and sending a few BHT survivors fleeing.

“Thereafter, another Alpha Jet aircraft followed up with rocket and cannon attacks in the target area, strafing the fleeing terrorists in the process.

“Subsequent BDA of the attack indicated some burnt structures and significant casualties inflicted on the BHTs.

A statement signed by Air Commodore Olatokunbo Adesanya, Director of NAF Public Relations and Information said, “Operation Ruwan Wuta II, which was initiated by the NAF leadership, as a follow-up to the hugely successful Operation Ruwan Wuta 1, has so far proved to be even more successful”.


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