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Lafiya Dole Bans Troops of 8 Task Force Division from Fishing Activities in AOR; Wants Concentration on Exterminating Terrorists.

 The Theatre Commander Operation LAFIYA DOLE,  Major General Ibrahim Attahiru has banned soldiers in the 8 Task Force Division’s Area of Responsibility from any type of fishing activity and other nefarious acts charging them to rather concentrate on the extermination to terrorists from Nigerian soil.

He directed the troops fighting the Boko Haram terrorists in the North East to ensure that they exhibit discipline at all times as they carry out counter terrorism and counter insurgency operations against the insurgents in the region.

Attahiru spoke at the Kinasara Cantonment Parade Ground during his operational visit to the Headquarters, 8 Task Force Division in Mongonu.

Addressing officers and soldiers of the Division, the Theatre Commander who was received by the Acting General Officer Commanding, Brigadier General Stevenson Olabanji, pointed out, that ‘discipline is the bedrock of every army and is therefore very essential in fast tracking the total and outright defeat of the insurgents’.

He admonished the troops to shun all forms of vices and focus on their task of exterminating the terrorists from every inch of Nigerian soil in the north east.

He charged the troops not to relent until the insurgents are completely stamped out.

The Theatre commander warned that on no account will any officer or soldier in the theatre be found indulging in fishing activity or any other nefarious activities as these constitute a negation of the mandate and goals of Operation Lafiya Dole.

He stated that erring personnel will be appropriately sanctioned.

While assuring the troops that their welfare and well-being are paramount in the scheme of operation Lafiya Dole, General Ibrahim Attahiru noted that leaves and passes are not embargoed in the operational theatre.

He added that troops must be permitted from time to time to take a pass to visit their families to keep them psychologically stable while in the operation.

He also told the troops that their rotation will be based strictly on Army Headquarters plan to rotate troops on ‘a first to come, first to leave basis’.

He further urged commanders at all levels in the Division to build the capacity of troops through regular in-theatre training, adding that unalloyed loyalty on the part of troops is equally obligatory.

The Theatre Commander also paid a visit to 8Task Force Division Medical Services and Hospital, where he empathized with soldiers undergoing treatment, after an inspection of the hospital’s facilities. 


Colonel Onyema Nwachukwu 

Deputy Director 

Public Relations 

Theatre Command



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