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Federal Court, Abuja halts demotion of IRT officrs by PSC.

Federal Court Abuja Halts Demotion of Police Officers Who Arrested Evans, Vampire, BHTs who Kidnapped Chibok School Girls in Borno State.

The Names of all Officers In IRT, TIU promoted as a result of gallant and outstanding operations which led to the arrest of Nigeria’s most notorious and sophisticated kidnap kingpin billionaire kidnapper Evans and his group, the arrest of Nigeria’s most deadly kidnapper Vampire and his group, arrest of the Boko Haram Terrorist responsible for the kidnapping of Chibok School Girls in Borno State eere included.

Names of operatives who arrestefd Kidnappers Of the Ikorodu and Turkish School girls in Lagos and Ogun States, operatived who have been arresting hundreds of kidnappers terrorizing Abuja-Kaduna-Kano ecpresseay etc were initially exempted from the demotion list compiled by New Police Service Commission but were later added.

A police source said they were added bacause because one Federal Commissioner from the North West who has never served in the Nigeria Police insisted that the IRT personnel who arrested Evans, Vampire and the Boko Haram Chibok School Girls Kidnappers must also be demoted because they have not done anything outstanding, notwithstanding the promotion which was based on superlative performance and gallantry followed all the due processes prescribed by the Laws of the land.

On the Strength of that, the Federal High Court Abuja gave an injunction restraining the Police Service Commission from demoting and demoralizing this group of outstanding police officers who have sacrificed a lot and aaved the country from several embarrassing Crime Situations and were decorated with multiple IGP’s medal for courage and presidential medal for courage during the tenures of several IGPs spanning many years of outstanding performances.

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