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Enugu Police nab Car snatchers; Suspect reveal why he joined car snatching business

A suspect identified as one Emeka Itua who claimed to have hailed from Edo state has revealed that he joined car snatching business to make ends meet and due to frustrations since he came out from prison custody in 2014 although joined the business proper in 2017.

According to Emeka Itua, he used to carry out his nefarious activities with one Ede ifunanya aka Anyara from Nara in Nkanu East local Government Area of Enugu state alongside with one Aka Mende, Bimbo and one Nunior Ede who are currently at large.

The two suspects Emeka Itua and Ede Ifunanya were nabbed on intelligence information by the operatives of the Anti Cult Squad while the remaining members of the gang members are being looked for.

.According to Emeka Itua, he has snatched many cars with his gang members and that they usually snatch at gun point and take to their already waiting buyer in Anambra state and that their target is usually Camry vehicles.

He further revealed that they are Camry snatcher specialists. We snatch cars on gun point.

We usually monitor our would be victims on Camry cars at any identified street and follow them up to the point of parking then we shall approach the victim and point the gun at him or her and snatch and zoomed off.

We usually get any tricycle and engage him on drop ,move and patrol round in search of any victim to be attacked.

The Commissioner of Police, Suleiman Balarabe has directed for a full scale investigations which has commenced just as suspects are helping the operatives in their investigations .


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