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S/Court victory: Gov Matawalle dedicates victory to God & Zamfara people

Zamfara state governor, Bello Matawalle has dedicated the affirmation of his election by the Supreme Court to the people of the state.

Governor Matawalle in a state broadcast, thanked the apex court justices for upholding his election even as he called on the people to remain steadfast and committed to the good of the state.

Noting that the room to work together for the good of the state remains open to the opposition; he however warned that statements capable of instigating crisis would not be condoned.

His words, “You may recall that during my inaugural address of 29th May 2019, I, among other things, called on all citizens of Zamfara State, irrespective of their political leanings, to accept our victory as an act of Almighty Allah and join hands with us to build a secure, peaceful, and prosperous Zamfara State. 

“I made it clear that my administration is an all-inclusive one, which is ready to go along with all well-meaning people of Zamfara State irrespective of their political dispositions.

“To our surprise, however, some elements within the political circle decided right from day one to do all they could to frustrate our administration. 

“These unscrupulous politicians resorted to all manner of intrigues ranging from inflammatory statements capable of further degenerating the already fragile security situation to court litigations capable of distracting our administration from our mission of people-oriented governance.

“Today, Allah, in His infinite wisdom, has granted us yet another resounding victory. The Supreme Court has  again lived to its good reputation by giving a historic verdict that finally put to rest the quest by these fair-weather politicians to return our dear State back to the dark years of the past.

“I dedicate this victory to the good people of Zamfara State who prayed day and night for this victory and all the victories we have had. This victory is therefore for all true sons and daughters of Zamfara State who desire its progress.

“Today’s verdict has indeed strengthened our resolve and commitment to deliver good governance to our people. We shall continue with our current efforts of securing Zamfara State and transforming it in all facets of human life.

“I appeal to our people to remain calm. As peace-loving, I appeal to you not to resort to any act inimical to peace and tranquility of the State. Conversely, We should all thank Almighty Allah for this victory by rededicating ourselves to obedience to His injunctions at all times.

“It is now time we faced the various issues of development of our State with a greater vigour. It is not a time for settling political scores but for renewal of determination to do right to all manner of people of our dear State.

“My dear people of Zamfara State, as you remained prayerful throughout the period of the appeal of the so-called review of the landmark judgement of the Supreme Court of 25th May 2019, I urge you to be focused and consistent in prayers for the greater development of our dear State.

“To the Supreme Court judges and the judiciary as a whole, I bow my hat to you for being the champions and guardians of our democracy. Your doggedness in ensuring justice and fair play has succeeded in putting to shame many of the Nigeria’s enemies of democracy and good governance. It is my hope that this judgement will be the beginning of greater things to come to Zamfara State insha Allah.

‘As we all know, the essence of politics is to serve the people. If those in the opposition truly share this perspective, it is time for them to shun political bitterness and join hands with the government to move the State forward. 

“As we open a new chapter in our journey to move Zamfara State forward, we shall maintain zero tolerance to all acts of mischief capable of derailing our administration from its mission. All acts or statements capable of sabotaging our peace and security efforts would not be condoned.”

Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, Matawalle said: “My dear people of Zamfara State, as the lockdown of our State begins tomorrow (today), as part of the efforts to prevent the spread of the dreadful infection of Corona Virus, I would like to use this opportunity to call on everyone to remain law-abiding.

“We have taken all the steps we have taken in the interest of all of us. As I mentioned in my previous broadcasts, Corona pandemic is threatening the very existence of humanity, and all hands must be on deck to check its spread.”

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