War on Terror Nigeria, South Africa to establish Special Forces.

War on Terror Nigeria, South Africa to establish Special Forces.

Nigerian and South Africa are to establish a joint Special Force whose aim will include fighting terrorism and preventing terrorists groups from spreading their destructive tentacles in the African continent among others.

Minister of Defence, Mansur Mohammad Dan-Ali, who made the disclosure when he received his South African Counterpart, Nobise Nolitondo Nabissa in his office, noted that towards this end (formation of Special Forces), the Chiefs of Defence Staff of Nigeria and South Africa have discussed the issue and that one will come into being between the two countries as soon as possible.

He said the Nigerian Military was also planning to involve South African arms companies in the upgrade of Mines Resistant Iron Protective Vehicles and some fighter aircraft that are being used in the fight against insurgency in the country.

Disclosing that an MOU had been signed between South Africa and Nigerian in the area of Military Cooperation, Mansur Dan Ali said representatives of the two countries have ironed out areas that would be of benefit to its armies.

The specific areas of cooperation the countries are looking at according to the minister include cooperation in research and development; training; and the technical aspect of assisting the Defence Industries Corporation

“The two countries should look at how the two Defence Industrial Companies would come into partnership. We are thinking that South Africa being the closes ally to us should come and help us in developing our Defence Industrial complex; that is DICON.
Earlier, Ms. Nolitondo Nabissa said Nigeria and South Africa had two of the most powerful Defence forces in the continent hence the need for them to work together.

She said “the world has problems and since we are part of the global village, and South Africa is not an Island, we need to know how best to work together especially as it concerns exchange of programmes, Staff Officers, Directing staff, and research.

“The collaboration between the South Africa Defence Industry and that of Nigeria would ensure transfer of skills, technologies, and processing development between the two nations

“Whether buying or transfer of technology, it depends on the decision of the two Chiefs of Defence Staff and I know that they have met and held a lengthy meeting, so I think they have also begun to identify the critical areas of research and development; they have also identified areas for acquisition”, she added.



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