Pipeline Vandalism, Militancy Disrupts Development Plans for Niger Delta— Osinbajo.

Pipeline Vandalism, Militancy Disrupts Development Plans for Niger Delta— Osinbajo.

The Federal Government has attributed the slow pace of development in the Niger Delta to the activities of militants and pipeline vandals.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo who made the disclosure, said damaging of pipelines and oil installations in the region meant destruction of facilities meant to help the people of the region.

Speaking when he received a delegation of Urhobo leaders, led by Chief Tuesday Onoge at the Presidential Villa, Osinbajo expressed dismay that “so much damage is being done.

He said governments will come and go, but these damages will ultimately destroy people’s livelihoods, aspirations and future.

 “Nobody else anywhere in the world will destroy the facilities meant to help them, there is no benefit whatsoever from the destruction”, he stressed.

 Insisting that the Buhari administration would continue its outreach to leaders and groups in the Niger Delta in seeking for peaceful solution to the crisis in the region, Osinbajo, solicited for understanding, especially on the part of the leaders of the region, noting that “destruction and damage do not lead to anything good”.

On the planned dialogue with the Niger Delta leaders and representatives, the Vice President said President Muhammadu Buhari has shown exemplary leadership and is someone that can be trusted once he gives his word.

“He (Buhari) is quiet, but fiercely determined, once he makes up his mind and gives his word,” the vice president said and encouraged Niger Delta people to work with the President.

Osinbajo commended the delegation from the Urhobo Leaders of Thought, including the All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate in the 2015 elections, Olorogun Ortega Emerhor.

He also commended the leadership and understanding of the Urhobo Leaders of Thought.

 Speaking on behalf of the delegation, Onoge lamented that if the money sent to the Niger Delta in the last 16 years was judiciously spent, the people of the region would have benefited even as he wondered “what happened to the monies.

 Onoge criticized the vandalism of oil and gas installations in the Niger Delta and offered to assist in furthering peace in the region.

He said that the group supported the anti-corruption efforts of the Buhari administration.



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