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Defeated Boko Haram Terrorists fleeing Sambisa to other parts of Nigeria-Army.

Defeated Boko Haram Terrorists fleeing Sambisa to other parts of Nigeria-Army.

The Nigerian Army disclosed on Thursday that following the massive degrading and decimation of Boko Haram murderous activities in the North East, hundreds of the sects defeated members were now fleeing into other parts of the country.

Consequently, the Army has warned Nigerians to be alert and vigilant about the movement and activities of certain or strange persons in their neighbourhood or communities towards ensuring that the terrorists did not set up new bases in their environments.

A statement from Army HQ said, “The public are please informed that the terrorists are surreptitiously fanning out of their last enclaves in Sambisa to cause havoc or seek refuge elsewhere.

“Therefore, there is need for all to be more vigilant and security conscious to enable us clear the remnants of these terrorists wherever they might flee.

“We would like to reassure the public that we will remain professional and focused in clearing the remnants of these criminals on the Nigerian soil.

On solidarity activities in support of the military on the war against terrorism, the statement said, “The attention of the Nigerian Army has been drawn to a number of groups and individuals celebrating the routing out and decimation of Boko Haram terrorists on our soil.

“So much as we thank them for that, it is imperative to state that we do not begrudge such persons their desire to identify and associate themselves with this success.

“However, the Nigerian Army wishes to disassociate itself from such celebrations and solidarity rallies.

“We also would like to advice that they should tread with caution as this could be distractive to us.”





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