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Insurgency: Prepare to re-orientate soldiers for post Boko Haram era-Kukah

Insurgency: Prepare to re-orientate soldiers for post Boko Haram era-Kukah
Catholic Bishop of Sokoto diocesan, Most Rev. Matthew Kukah has advised the Federal Government to be proactive and prepare for post-Boko Haram era by planning on how to re-orientate soldiers returning from the war to be fully reintegrated with the larger society and be productive.

Kukah also advised President Muhammadu Buhari on the dwindling economy and urged him to inspire Nigerians to engage in economic activities geared towards reviving the economy.

He said that the present situation in the country should be seen as a challenge that faces great leaders, noting that leaders elsewhere had faced such situations and resolved them for good.

Kukah pointed out that “this is one of the finest moments for us to transform our nation”. He said that creating conducive environment for returning colliders from war has become necessary as the war against Boko Haram was gradually coming to an end.
Bishop Kukah further urged that the government make a law similar to America’s Servicemen Re-adjustment Act of 1944 which would enable Nigerian soldiers returning from wars like the Boko Haram insurgency to be easily integrated within the larger society and live normal life after fighting a war for long.

According to him, when a soldier returns from a war situation, there was the tendency that he would be antagonistic to the civilian population having been in a war front where he was confronted with violence for a long time.


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