Ops Whirl Stroke: The truth about wounded Captain Zakari Sani’s medical treatment-DHQ

There is an information making round about Captain Zakari Sani which i wish to put in proper perspective. Captain Zakari Sani, a very courageous and hardworking officer, was ambushed alongside other soldiers in Benue State while on operation Whirl Stroke.

The officer was badly wounded and was evacuated to Benue State University Teaching Hospital, Makurdi where he was initially stabilised and later evacuated to Ceda Crest Hospital in Abuja for higher management outside of the operations theatre.

Ceda Crest Hospital is one of the best hospitals in the country as at today.

The team of doctors and other medical staff including expatriate are attending to the officer whose situation though serious is getting better by the day.

He has undergone several medical procedures which have helped to stabilised him further.

The Chief of Defence Staff has placed Medical Surveillance on the officer for eventual medical evacuation outside the country.

It should be noted that foreign medical evacuation is a process that is done with the advice of the medical doctor that is administering the stabilization treatment.

Otherwise the intended objective may not be achieved when the patient is evacuated abroad.

The Nigerian Military takes care of the medical needs of her personnel, including her retired colleagues.

As necessary, various cases are sent on Medevac, especially those personnel wounded in active service.

Information given about Captain Zakari may be intended to ensure he gets the best of medical attention, but the narrative is not true.

If Captain Zakari had been hurriedly taken out of the country without the stabilization treatment, according to the medical advice, the outcome may not be certain.

The general public is hereby informed that Captain Zakari Sani’s treatment is consciously administered for his best interest.

He is to undergo some medical procedures after which, he will be stable for any other treatment abroad as necessary.

Nigerian military takes the heath of its personnel seriously and would do anything to sustain the health and vitality of all, in order to be fit to defend the territorial integrity of our great nation.

Brigadier General
Acting Director Defence Information


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