Only unity can keep Nigeria – Infantry Corps Commander, Gen Ezugwu.

The Commander, Nigerian Army Infantry Corps, Major General Victor Ezugwu has disclosed that only unity can keep Nigeria as an indivisible country.

Gen Ezugwu, who is the former DG of the Defence Industrial Corporations of Nigeria (DICON), stated that unity can be sustained when people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds willingly keep aside their differences and make the corporate existence of the country their number one priority.

Speaking with reporters at the Eid el-Kabir celebration organised for children of officers and soldiers residing in Jaji Military Cantonment, the Gen Ezugwu described the coming together of children of different faiths to commemorate this year’s Eid el-Kabir as a good example worthy of emulation.

He said, “People thought that by now Nigeria would have gone into flames but to the glory of God, we are still marching on as a country and that is why Christians and Muslims in this Jaji Military Cantonment have come out in our numbers to celebrate this Sallah to show that only unity can keep us as one.

“‘Nigeria is one united country and in its unity, we stand. God did not make mistake by bringing us together as a united country. We are going to be united until the end of time. Nothing – no power, no force, no man not a woman can separate us from the love and unity of this country.

“We thank God for His mercy. We appreciate the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, Chief of Defence Staff, the Minister, the Service Chiefs particularly Lieutenant General Farouq Yahaya for keeping faith in Nigeria,’ he said.

Earlier, the Coordinator of the Nigerian Army Officers’ Wives Association (NAOWA), Jaji Cantonment, Bar Mrs Appolonia Ezugwu, thanked the Chief of Army Staff, Ly. Gen Farouk Yahaya for appointing her husband the Commander of Infantry Corps a week ago.

Addressing the children and their parents she said ‘As we celebrate, we must reenact the exemplary lifestyle signified by the prophet Ibrahim through his sacrifice, patience, discipline, steadfastness, generosity and obedience to God and appropriate superior authorities.

‘As a country, we must be learning from the unity that exists in Nigeria armed forces where Muslims, Christians and people of other faiths live together in harmony and uniqueness of purpose. We have no other country to call our own. Therefore, let us be our brothers’ keepers and uphold the unity of this country.

“To our dear wonderful children, I want you all to be obedient to your parents, teachers including everyone older than you that you come across. However, weigh and pay attention to only good advice. Do not lie against anyone and don’t take what does not belong to you. Always remember that you are feature leaders with great potentials to make us proud.

‘I want to pay due tribute to my husband’s boss, the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Farouq Yahaya and his wife who is my boss, Mrs Salamatu Yahaya for finding us worthy to serve the Nigerian Army in this new capacity.’

sun news paper


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