NSCDC CG, Abubakar Audi visits COAS, Seek’s, Synergy, Training in Counter-Terrorism for Personnel

The Commandant General of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, Dr. Ahmed Abubakar Audi on Tuesday visited the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Faruk Yahaya and solicited the support of the Nigerian Army in the area of training of NSCDC personnel particularly in Counter-terrorism, and physical/operational drills.

Dr. Audi also solicited for further collaboration and synergy between the NSCDC and the Army (who is a senior brother) particularly at this period when the nation is confronted with a dangerous conflict called asymetric warfare, whereby terrorists and other criminal elements come out from the bush, forest or other enclaves, attack, destroy and go back.

His words, “National Security and Civil Defence Corps by antecedents is a product of the Nigerian Army. We have been in existence since the 1950s. During the War, we were the one giving succour to the injured and evacuating them for medical attention. I am therefore here to tao the annointing and blessings from our father, the COAS”.

“Those of us who have attended several trainings in the Nigerian Army will attest to this. I am here for collaboration and synergy. We have come here to renew our commitmfnt and resolve that we are going to work with the NA and we need professional support. Hence we want strenghtenning and synergy.

Emphasizing on training, the NSCDC CG said, “Fortunately for me, I am one of those who benefited from a lot of military trainings. It has now come to bear. That is why the NSCDC has now gotten a direction. We recently, with the help of the NA established a Female Squad and deployed them to schools after training assistance from the Army and they are achieving a lot.

“As part of our non kinetic efforts, we have engaged Students, Teachers, Community leaders and Traditional leaders on the need for more intelligence gathering and sharing so that we don’t experience the ugly problems of the past in schools.

“In particular, we want the Army to assist us in Counter Terrorism training. This asymetric conflict is a serious one that has lingered. Gradually, we are entering its second decade. We need to come together and deal with it, with the Army leading.

“Another area of assistance for us is the area of arms and ammunition. In 2010, the Nigerian Army is the one that assisted us with rifles and ammunition when permission was granted us to bear arms. We will like the Army to further assist us in this regard because of the increasing threats we are facing”.

In his response, the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Faruk Yahaya assured the NSCDC CG of the NA readiness at all times to synergize not only with it but also other agencies with the primary aim of eliminating insecurity and ensuring peace and stability in the nation.

He said, “The call for synergy is a call to all of us and is aptly captured in my vision which emphasizes jointness in operations. You cannot do it all alone. You need others to synergize to achieve objectives. One of the advantages of NSCDC which will leveraged upon is the reach. Now you are in schools and other areas. So we can always work together.

While assuring of openings for training of NSCDC personnel whenever the need arises, the COAS said, “We are always working in collaboration. We have seen the benefits and the need for it. We have provided training in the past, we are ready to do it again.

“This is because we appreciate the work that you are doing. During elections duties, during our operations exercises in the South East, your men have conducted themselves and focussed on their duties. There is no alternative to training. We will continue to provide this when needed.”

Present at the visit were the Chief of Policy and Plans, Army, Major General AB Omozojie, Chief of Training, Army, Major General Ibrahim, Chief of Operation’s Army, Major Gen OT Akinjobi, Provost Marshal, Major Gen OR Ayenigba, Chief of Military Intelligence, Major General D Salihu.

On the entourage of the NSCDC CG were the Acting DCG in charge of Crisis Management directorate, Dr. Nnamdi Nwoye, Acting DCG Zakari Ibrahim, Acting DCG Salaudeen Adigun, Acting DCG Ahmed Hassan Audu in charhe Intelligence and ACG Bassey O Bassey.



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