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Nigerian Armed Forces Can’t be used against any religion; its symbol of unity – Defence HQTRS.

The Military High Command has said there will be no time that the Nigerian military will be used to undermine any religion or section of the country.

Making the disclosure in Abuja on Thursday, the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) said “As the symbol of unity in the country, the military would never shirk in its responsibility of defending the territorial integrity of the country.

The Defence headquarters spoke in a statement signed by Brigadier General Rabe Abubakar against the backdrop of a smear campaign linking the military to an agenda to exterminate adherents of a particular religion in a particular region, using members of the Boko Haram terrorist group.

In the statement, DHQ warned Nigerians to be wary of those, intent on causing trouble in the polity by dishing out “toxic messages,” which it described as an ill-wind that blows no good.

“The attention of the Defence Headquarters has been drawn to a misleading, baseless and concocted online story that Nigerian military is out to exterminate adherents of a particular religion in a particular region using surrendered Boko Haram terrorists” it said.

“This story, to say the least, is mischievous, mendacious and calculated attempt to cause apprehension in the country and create division in the military.

“Nigerian Armed Forces is constituted by Nigerians of all tribes and religious affiliation.  It is therefore callous and outrageous for anybody to think of the military taking side with one religious group against another.

“More so, everybody knows that Boko Haram is enemy to all Nigerians, therefore, to think of using them against our people is indeed senseless.

“Religion and politics should not meddle with security affairs.

“The Nigerian Armed Forces is a symbol of national unity and cohesion and should not be a subject of smear campaign by unpatriotic, idle and ill-meaning elements hiding under unanimity of social media platforms.

“The Nigerian military will not be distracted from carrying out its constitutional responsibility of defending the territorial integrity of our great nation and our citizens.

“Members of the public are therefore advised to be wary of such toxic message which clearly is an ill wind that blows no one any good, therefore should be discountenanced. 

“Those behind such ungodly dissemination of falsehood, hate and divisive messages online are advised to desist forthwith in the best interest of national peace, security and unity as effort is underway to track them.”


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