Grammy Award: Afenmai Group, APDA celebrates Burna Boy, Afenmai son for making Nigeria, Edo State and Edo North proud

The Afenmai Patriotic Development Association, a social political organization from Edo North has applauded Burna Boy, Afro beat super star, an Afenmai grandson for winning at the 63rd Grammy awards with his song “Twice as tall “

Burna Boy is the grandson of Benson Idonigie, an iconic Afenmai down to earth man who worked and retired from the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN).

FRCN used to be the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation before it was split into, NTA and FRCN. 

Benson Idonije with his unforgettable sonorous voice was head of the music section of FRCN for many years and later taught at its Training School in Oshodi, Lagos. 

Benson Idonigie is a music critic and was for many years the manager of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and his music band from late 1960s to the 1980s. He practically revolutionalized Fela’s music and laid the foundation for its wider appeal. 

A statement signed by President of Afenmai Patriotic Development Association Patriot Kennedy Izuagbe and Secretary, Patriot Lucky Anyia revealed that  Burna Boy, with real name Damini Ogulu is the grandson of Benson Idonigie and that  Burna Boy developed his music skills in early life while living in Lagos with his grandfather, Benson Idonigie.

It said, “Burna Boy’s infusion of other music elements such as jazz, reggae, rock and country music makes Burna’s music more appealing to the younger generation and these entertainments skill-set he got from his grandfather, Benson Idonigie. 

“Music seems to run in the family and this, the proud Grand Dad has successfully demonstrated by honing Burna Boy’s music skills.

“Benson Idonigie hails from Otuo, in Owan East Local Government area of Edo state, Afenmai Region, Edo North Senatorial district. 

“His daughter, Bose Ogulu is a businesswoman and music manager to her son Burna boy.

“Afenmai Patriotic Development Association is proud of Benson Idonigie, his daughter and grandson, Burna boy for winning at the 63rd Grammy awards in USA with the music titled ‘Twice As Tall’.

Furthermore, Patriot Izuagbe said, “Afenmai Patriot Development Association believes that Government should encourage the younger generation to sharpen their skills in various areas of endeavours including and particularly, the music cum entertainment industry as this will help engage the youth productively, 

Grow the nation’s economy and launder the image of the country positively to the global community. 




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