Garrison Commander task’s Troops on Improvement of Team Spirit, Leadership Qualities & Endurance Capabilities as AHQ Garrison holds Corporal/Below Competition 2022.

Rep of Garrison Commander, Brig Gen Lawal addressing the troops

The Army Headquarter’s Garrison in Abuja on Monday commenced its Corporal and Below competition 2022, with the Garrison Commander, Major Gen KN Garba disclosing that the week-long competition is aimed at testing and building on the endurance capabilities of troops.

Represented by the Garrison Training Officer, Brigadier General Lawal, Gen Garba said the soldiers are to compete in Map Reading, Reading Work, Point to Point Exercise, Range Classification (Weapon Handling/Shooting Exercise), Obstacle Crossing, Swimming, Drill Competition and Physical Fitness which involves 3.2kilometres endurance run.

Furthermore, he said the competition aim’s at improving leadership qualities, organizational abilities and the level of initiative amongst Corporal’s and below.

He said his expectation is that at the end of the exercise, troops team spirit would have improved adding, “I ecpect your ettiquette and knowledge to also improve.

In his address,Special Guest of Honour at the event, Brigadier Gen Ogbole Audu James, who is the Garrison Finance Officer, noted that training remains the bedrock of professionalism in all armies across the world pointing out that Nigerian Army cannot be an exception.

He said the Corporals and below competition was very important because at every point of need, they along with other NCOs are in the frontline of those deployed to restore sanity and stability.

“One of the reasons why you should take this competition seriously, is that it makes you a better soldier. It is not for you to come first and it is also not for you to come last. It is to ensure your mental, physical fitness as well as your ability to make good leadership choices when you find yourself in such position.

“That is why the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Faruk Yahaya never toys with issues of training for troops as this is one of the best legacy and morale boosting legacy a leader/commander bestows on troops and for this, the COAS has always made funding avaiable without holding back for training.

The troop’s participating in the competition are drawn from the branches and Departments drawn from Army Headquarters including COTI, DCMA, DOA, DAOPS, DAPR, COAS Office, NACMP among others.


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