Economic Summit: Stay Clear of S-East, IPOB warns Buhari.

Following his planned visit to Enugu to declare open the South East Economic Summit on Thursday, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has warned President Muhammadu Buhari to ‘stay clear’ of the South-East.

IPOB, in a statement entitled ‘Muhammadu Buhari must stay clear of Biafra land or have himself to blame for the outcome of any such visit’, told the President to abort the planned visit, for his own good.

The secessionist group, in the statement signed by Emma Nmezu and Clifford Iroanya, also warned Igbo governors and other political leaders against hosting Buhari in Enugu or any other part of the South-East.

IPOB said Enugu State governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, and other leaders should be held responsible for any breakdown of law and order in the state if Buhari goes ahead to visit the Coal City on December 22.

The pro-Biafra group accused Buhari of persecuting the Igbo and warned politicians in the South East against welcoming the President.

It said, “We object totally to this visit. We warn that any governor or Igbo politician that receives Buhari in Enugu will have himself or herself to blame.

“We make it public that should there be a breakdown of law and order in Enugu on the 22nd of December, greedy Igbo politicians will have themselves to blame.

“Any Igbo governor or politician that is found among those hobnobbing with Buhari becomes an enemy of the people and shall pay dearly for it.”

The demanded the release its leader, Nnamdi Kanu, all detained pro-Biafra agitators and called for an investigation into the Amnesty International report, which accused the army of mass killing of Biafra activists.

IPOB blamed the attacks by herdsmen on communities in the South-East, saying his rise to power encouraged attacks by the herdsmen.



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