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Human Rights Commission call for arrest/prosecution of DSS operatives for invasion of Abuja High Court.

The National Human Rights Commission has called for the arrest and prosecution of all the security operatives who invaded the hollowed chambers of the Federal High Court Abuja on Friday in a desperate attempt to arrest Mr Omoyele Sowore and his colleague who are standing trial before the Court.

Reacting to the incident which caused disruption in the court and left many wounded, Executive Secretary of the Commission Tony Ojukwu cautioned that “Law enforcement officials must not be above the law”.

“The National Human Rights Commission has watched with dismay the conduct of law enforcement officers in facie curie yesterday Friday 6th Dec 2019 at the Federal High court Abuja and reiterates it’s earlier statement emphasising the need for law enforcement officials to understand that to qualify as law enforcement agents, they must first of all be law abiding and not be above the law, “Ojukwu said.

According to the Executive Secretary, officials paid with tax payers money, cannot indulge in impunity and utter disregard for the constitution.

“Our democracy is founded on the principle of separation of powers and all citizens including law enforcement officials must understand the implications of that and are enjoined to respect the law and the constitution in the enforcement of the law’ he said.

Accordingly, the Commission directs all the relevant agencies of government to arrest and try all law enforcement officers involved in the desecration of the hallowed chambers of the Federal High court Abuja on Friday 6th Dec 2019 for contempt in the face of the court.

“They should be tried and this should serve as a reminder to all law enforcement agents that they must obey the law in carrying out their law enforcement duties”, he added.

The Commission reiterated that law enforcement officers must enforce the law within the ambits of the law.

“Impunity by law enforcement officials cannot be indulged in our democracy because impunity uproots the very foundation of our constitution and our democracy”, it added.

Lambert Oparah
Director Corporate Affairs and External Linkages

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