2022 Captain’s Combat Competition: DHQ Garrison Commander Harps on Importance of Proficiency Training in Weapons Handling, Leadership Training for Operational Successes.

The Commander, Defence Headquarters Garrison Major General Elias Attu has said that training and retraining of officer’s to ensure proficiency in the handling of weapons that they’ve been entrusted with to undertake operational engagements and how to administer men under them for mission successes is never too much.
Speaking during the closing ceremony of the Army Headquarters Garrison Combat Proficiency Competition for 2022, he said, “Training is the key to the success of an armed forces. So for them to be successful in what they are doing, carrying out patrols day and night, they must be very, very physically fit and combat ready. That is the essence of this proficiency competition. 
His words,”It gives me great pleasure to be in your midst today as you successfully round up this year’s Combat Proficiency Competition. I am particularly glad that despite the myriad of operational commitments, officers were able to assemble for training and this competition proper. This is a testimony to the hard work and doggedness of the organisers.
“It is important to reiterate that training is essential to excellent leadership qualities, organisational abilities and esprit de corps amongst personnel. I have no doubt that this competition has achieved its objectives of fostering camaraderie among the participants as well as improved leadership skills.
“I implore you, participants, to pass on the knowledge gained from this Competition to your subordinates in the various units, departments and establishments.
I commend the team with the highest point for their perseverance throughout the Competition and I further urge others to emulate the never give up attitude. To you all, I say well done. I want to also commend the judges and instructors for a job well done.
While congratulating the Commander Army Headquarters Garrison Maj Gen KN Garba “for another milestone achievement in implementing another major training event on the Nigerian Army Forecast of Event for the Year 2022″, he said, ” Your concerted efforts in administration, training and operations speak volumes as you deliver on all fronts. For this, I say more power to your elbows.
“My special thanks go to the COAS Lt Gen Farouk Yahaya for his unrelenting and unflinching drive at ensuring that every personnel is given requisite training at all times to keep them combat ready towards the vision of “A Professional Nigerian Army Ready to Accomplish Assigned Missions within a Joint Environment”.
Furthermore he told newsmen, “My take on this competition is that it has really been of a high standard. From what I’ve seen, the performance of both the male and female officers have been very, very above board. And this is a testament and testimonial to the kind of training.
“They’ (officers) have been having engagements even before the competition itself and for them to be doing this in the face of their commitment, the challenges that we are going through and they are seriously involved in it (security) to ensure that the seat of power, the environment here is very secure for all citizens.
“I think it’s worthy of commendation and also to commend the the AHQ Command for a very good job. So far I’m very, very impressed.”
Three teams, Team A B & C participated in the three day competition. The team leader for Team A was Capt TB Elam, Team B was Capt OZ Nelson while Team Charlie was led by Capt U Abdukarim. The overall Commander was Capt HB Danfillo.
The participants competed among themselves on Weapon handling, Obstacle Crossing and Map reading which form part of the Closing Ceremony
 The Coordinator for each Team were Team A Coordinator Maj A E Amaugele, Team B Maj M Badeh while Team C Coordinator was Maj YY Aliyu. The Chief Judge for the panel of jufges was Maj AM Gold.
At the end of the competition, Team Charlie came tops with 920 points, Team Bravo emerged second with 820 points while Team Alpha emerged third with 814 points.

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