Alleged Mis-firing, Bombing of Herdsmen in Niger and Nasarawa States by Unknown Military Aircraft: Armed Forces of Nigeria Carried Out Intelligence Driven Operation  – DHQ;  Abided by Its Code of Conduct, Rules of Engagement & Targeting Procedures.


The Defence headquarters on Thursday disclosed that contrary to insinuations being portrayed in the media that military an unknown aircraft dropped a bomb on innocent herdsmen in Niger State killing scores while another group of herdsmen were killed in another bomb blast in Nasarawa state, the armed forces of Nigeria only carried out intelligence driven operations.

Director of Defence Media Operations, Major General Musa Danmadami when asked to clarify conflicting reports on the two incidents in Niger State and that of Nasarawa state, said, “Operations are being carried out across the length and breadth of Niger and Nasarawa states, like in many other places.

“The armed forces of Nigeria are very professional in the way we carry out operations. Our code of conduct is clear. Our rules of engagement are clear. The targeting procedures are clear. Our operations are intelligence driven.

“I can assure you we will continue to conduct our operations in line with these procedures regardless of whatever people are saying. The governor of Nasarawa state has issued a statement on what transpired. We can’t say more than that. We will not join issues with anybody on the incident.

“Like I said earlier, we (armed forces of Nigeria) are very professional. Majority of our operations are intelligence driven. Our operations are in line with international best practices. We are not going to go contrary with what the governor of Nasarawa state has said. We are not going to join issues with anybody”.

Recall that there had been reports that a bomb from an Air force aircraft hit a community in Doma LGA of Nasarawa state killing about 40 people while another 30 vigilante personnel were killed  Galadima Kogo, in Shiroro LGA of Niger State.

The bombing was said to be targeted at people suspected to be armed bandits who had been terrorizing residents of both communities. However, some persons are claiming that those killed are ordinary herdsmen prompting the Defence headquarters to say, “We will not join issues with anybody on the operation”.  

On the forthcoming general elections, Gen. Danmadami reiterated the warning of the Military High Command that the Armed Forces of Nigeria in collaboration with other security agencies in the country would deal decisively with any act inimical to the successful conduct of the coming polls

Assuring that the Military as an institution would remain apolitical during the polls nationwide,  he said in the past two weeks, both kinetic and non-kinetic operations were conducted in the various theatres of operations, with significant results recorded and that there was no cause for concern over the peaceful conduct of the Polls in any part of the country

His words, “The Armed Forces of Nigeria is on standby, for the general Elections, there is no cause for concern. The CDS has stated this on several occasions, we will remain apolitical but will deal divisively with any unwanted behaviour, the rules of engagement are there, the code of conducts are being distributed to the troops

“The Nigeria Police Force is the lead Agency in the conduct of Elections but the Military and other sister security agencies will play supportive roles, and we are ready for the supportive roles. So there is no cause for concern. As we speak now, we are conducting various operations in the perceived volatile South East Zone to restore normalcy in the area, as we did in the past after which peaceful Elections were held. The coming Elections will also hold in the area and so also in every other parts of the country”

Regarding insinuations that Boko Haram terrorists were still occupying territories in the North East particularly Borno state, the DMO disclosed that no single territory in Nigeria is being occupied by Boko Haram/Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP) terrorists pointing out that in the last two weeks alone, troops neutralized 114 terrorists and bandits, rescued 101 kidnapped civilians, recovered 51 AK47 rifles and arrested 115 terrorists, logistics suppliers, suspected vandals, bandits, gunrunners, armed herders and economic saboteurs in operations across the nation.

He said a total of 267 terrorists and their family members surrendered, while oil thieves in the South-South zone of the country were denied the opportunity of stealing crude oil products valued at N125.39million.

“In the course of the joint military operations in the Niger Delta region, the troops also discovered and destroyed 39 illegal refining sites, 48 cooking ovens, 103 storage tanks, 27 dug-out pits and 33 wooden boats, among other items.

“In the North East region, troop recovered 12 AK47 rifles, 2 locally fabricated guns, 1 FN rifle, 1 G3 rifle, 3 QJC gun, 2 units 60mm mortar bombs, 36 rounds of belted 7.62mm NATO, 7 units 60mm mortar chargers, 4 RPG 7 bombs, 1 phantom MRAP, 2 PKGM, 1 gun truck, 332 rounds of 12.7mm AP ammunition, 56 rounds of 7.62 rimmed ammunition, 21 rounds of 7.62mm special refilled ammunition, 19 rounds of 7.62mm NATO, 34 rounds of 7.62mm special, 14 AK47 magazines, 2 vehicles, 9 bicycles, 4 motorcycles, 1 mobile, phones and the sum of N15,000.00 only and other sundry items. Troops equally neutralized 42 terrorists, arrested 5 terrorists, 9 terrorists logistics suppliers, 2 suspected vandals, 5 bandits as well as 5 armed herders.

“Troops also rescued 6 adopted civilians while a total of 267 terrorists and families members, comprising 22 adult male, 128 adult females and 117 children surrendered to troops at different locations of the North East theater of operation

“In the North Central Zone, troops neutralized 7 terrorists, arrested 2 suspected gunrunners and 19 terrorists as well as rescued 36 kidnapped victims. Troops also recovered 8 AK47 rifles, 2 RPG tube, 4 RPG 7 bombs, 4 RPG 7 chargers and 2 pistol, 8 Dane guns, 3 rounds of 9mm ammunition, 112 rounds of 7.62mm special and 20 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition.”

In the South-East zone, troops after operations against IPOB and ESN recovered 2 AK47 rifles, 9 pump action rifles, 1 double barrel gun, 33 rounds of 7.62mm special, 4 locally made hand grenade, 17 live cartridges, 4 IEDs, 4 locally made explosive pipes, 8 cartridges, 1 locally made grenade, 1 barrel gun, 25 rounds of 9mm ammo, 4 cutlasses, 1 axe, 1 vehicle, 5 mobile phones and the sum of N16, 000.00 only.

“Troops equally neutralized 6 terrorists, arrested 24 and rescued 16 civilians. All recovered items, apprehended suspects and rescued civilians have been handed over to the appropriate authority for further action,” he said.


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