Ekiti Assembly Invasion: Hon. Akanni Afolabi is not dead-DSS

    Ekiti Assembly Invasion: Hon. Akanni Afolabi is not dead-DSS

    Following insinuations making the rounds that Ekiti State law maker who was arrested by the Department of State Security (DSS) has died in custody following an ailment, the DSS has dispelled such rumour saying the member is alive and healthy.

    A statement signed by Tony Opuiyo said, “You may have been aware of the recent situation in Ekiti State in which the DSS was accused of abducting of the State’s Assembly Legislators.

    “The fact is that one of the members of the Assembly, Hon. Akanni AFOLABI was duly invited by the Service over some serious breaches bordering on State security and for which he has some explanations to make.

    “These breaches fall under the purview of the DSS to investigate.

    “This explanation has become necessary in order to debunk a rumour which is being dangerously spread in Ekiti State by some mischief makers to the effect that Hon. Afolabi has died in custody.

    “Nigerians and Ekiti people in particular are convinced to see that Afolabi is hale and hearty as he is being presented to the Press today.

    “The DSS will therefore warn all those who have planned to make a meat out of this to desist from it and stir clear from trouble as the Service will not hesitate to bring the full weight of the law against any one or persons that may engage in violent actions of any kind.

    “In a similar vein, all law abiding Ekiti residents should go about their normal businesses as the Service assures them of full protection by security agencies” it added.


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