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Dockworkers discover pistol, ammunition at Tin-can port, Lagos.

Dockworkers discover pistol, ammunition at Tin-can port, Lagos.

Dockworkers at a Logistics Terminal, Tin-can Island Port, on Saturday discovered one pistol and four round of ammunition hidden in a Toyota Salora car being discharged from the ship, M. V. XEBRING Express with voyage no. 16SE05.

The offensive items which were concealed in the vehicle falsely declared as a Toyota Camry is actually a Salora model according to Port  sources and had beaten the first check on board the vessel before it was discovered just before it was to be driven to the terminal.

The source said a police officer who was present at the time M. V. XEBRING Express was discharging at berth 10, informed his supervisor who sent officers to take position of the items but they were denied the items because it was not theirs but that of Customs.

The source further disclosed that officials of the Nigeria Customs Service, NCS, were contacted and the items were handed over to them.

According to the source, “anytime we are discharging like that, the inspection term will go onboard to inspect the vehicles because of stealing. They go onboard to take the survey of all the vehicles onboard the ship. But at times they are not able to check because of the way the vehicles are parked. 

“Once the vehicles come down there are people down there to cross check again. They open the booth, the doors and other compartments to ensure that all the accessories (tyre, jack etc) are complete.It was during such inspection that the items were discovered, “the source noted.

Efforts to speak with the Public Relations Officers of Tin-can Island Port and Port and Terminal Multi-purposed Limited, Chris Osunkwo and Steve Okoma, was not successful.



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