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NEMA denies awarding over a billion Naira Contracts for Landscaping, Car Park.

NEMA denies awarding over a billion Naira Contracts for Landscaping, Car Park.
Authorities of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) Thursday described as false and baseless, allegations circulating on the social media imputing that the agency’s management awarded over a billion naira contact for landscaping and car park.

A statement by the Press Officer of the agency, Manzo Ezekiel said, “Ordinarily, the falsehood should not deserve any attention. However, for the sake of the unsuspecting public as well as the integrity of the public officers targeted by the faceless accusers, it is imperative to clarify that the said publication is nothing other than wild imaginations of the faceless mischief makers desperately bent on casting aspersions on the reputation of DG of NEMA, Management and Staff through the falsehoods, forged documents and baseless innuendoes.

“The agency denies ever awarding over a billion Naira contract for landscaping and Motor Park as being alleged by the false whistle blowers.
It continued, “While the blackmailers claimed that the contracts were awarded by the Director General of the Agency, Muhammad Sani-Sidi, NEMA has never awarded contract of such huge and imaginary sums for car park and landscaping.
It challenged the blackmailers parading themselves as whistle blowers to come up with their facts.
“A simple logic will reveal that the quoted sum for the contract was over the approval limit of the DG and the management of the agency as such it was practically impossible for the contract to have been awarded.
“The agency however regretted that the purported whistle blowers have no known contacts but strongly hope that relevant security operatives would help to unmask such blackmailers who are out to blackmail individuals and the public institutions for pecuniary reasons.
“In the meantime, the agency has set in motion legal machinery to institute legal actions against the faceless group when eventually unmasked for prosecution through existing laws” the statement said.

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